Drilling Fluids Optimization by Lummus and Azar


1986 Edition

According to authors Lummus and Azar, the phrase ”implied or specific conditions” is of key importance in planning a drilling venture, since these conditions dictate the degree of optimization which can be achieved. This book deals with such implied and specific restraints as the capabilities of the rig selected and those determined by the wellsite. Defining drilling optimization as ”the logical process of analyzing effects and interactions of drilling variables through mathematical modeling to achieve maximum drilling efficiency,” the authors delineate this process for the reader. Numerous tables, charts and illustrations are also provided. One of the ways in which this book achieves its goal of providing a practical field approach to optimization is by supplying an optimum drilling program as an example. An appendix presents a sample program so that the reader can review the basic sections without becoming bogged down in detailed explanations on how the optimizer arrived at the various guidelines.

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