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Horizontal Drilling – Solutions & Applications

Approx. 450 Pages/Hardcover

Publisher: Halliburton


By Dr.Robello Samuel

This is second in the series of texts devoted to the advancement of education in drilling
technology. The previous book is Drilling Engineering – Solution and Applications.
Horizontal drilling technology has advanced significantly over the past decade and
helped to unlock uneconomic resources around the world. This up to date reference
provides an overview of the major elements of Horizontal Drilling and a summary
of recent advancements. It should be useful for anyone in the drilling community either
directly or indirectly involved in the construction of horizontal wells.
Topics covered in this book are:
– Applications
– Well planning
– Well Profiles
– Hydraulics
– Drillstring Design
– BHA Design
– Geosteering
– Casing Design
– Casing Wear
– Cementing
– Cement-Sheath Evaluation