Drilling Engineering – Solutions and Applications


Approx. 491 Pages/Hardcover/6×9/March 2014 Publisher: Hallliburton ISBN: SBN: 978-0-578-13750-6 HardBound

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– Dr.Robello Samuel

While drilling research is for the purpose of advancing technology, education is for the ultimate goal of effectively implementing such technological advances into field operations. The aim of drilling engineers and well planners is the overall reduction of well construction costs and successful well completion. This up-to-date textbook covers the drilling solutions and field practices in drilling operations including:
– Basic Geology
– Introduction to Drilling and Well Completions
– Drilling Fluids
– Directional Drilling
– Drillstring and Hole Deviation Mechanics
– Horizontal, Multilateral and Multibranch Wells
– Directional Drilling Tools
– Borehole Stability Mechanics
– Primary Cementing
– Remedial Cementing